Team Building

Make your team SMILE

Vine & Seek is the premier team building activity in Sonoma and Napa counties. Wine country is a highly coveted destination for teams and companies located near San Francisco and for those visiting from across the world. Incorporating a wine tasting trip at your company's expense can be a tough sell, so we've created an experience that will give your team the joy of wine tasting in one of the world's top wine regions while driving ROI for your company by improving team dynamics. 

A true team building event is not just a bonding activity - and that is the difference between taking your team wine tasting and working with Vine & Seek to create an experience that will motivate, reward, challenge, strengthen interpersonal connections and leave your team with lots of fun, lasting memories.

Game challenges can consist of text Q&A, photo challenges, video challenges, GPS-based tasks, or QR code scans (made available by completing a specified activity or asking the right people).  As an example of a mission may require you to do in order to win points, your team may have to find chalk and take a video of the whole team doing hopscotch, take a photo worthy of an album cover, or to find a flag and take a photo with the whole team saluting it. Points may also be scored for social media  interaction and purchasing bottles of wine from the tasting rooms we visit.

How it works:

  • Vine & Seek adventures ideally last 2.5 - 3.5 hours, though this can be flexible based on your group's needs
  • Locations for kick-off, tastings and wrap-up activities are arranged (and paid for) in advance
  • During kick-off, waivers will be signed, wristbands will be provided and we will divide the group into teams and explain how the game works
  • Teams then set off to start completing challenges and tasting wine (or beer, or food) according to their team's schedule
  • Once time is up, we all meet back at the designated location to view a slideshow of photos and videos from the event and to announce the final scores

What you get:

  • Facilitated kick-off meeting at a location of your choosing
  • Game challenges customized to your group's background and personality
  • Tastings at 2-3 of our partner wineries
  • A wrap-up party with a slide show and awards presentation at a location of your choosing (location to be arranged and paid for separately)
  • All photos and videos submitted (download link to be provided after the event)

Optional (for an additional charge): Transportation; Catering; Gift baskets for awards

Tailored Experiences

There are many ways our Team Building adventures can be customized for your team.  Let us know what you need and let us help make your vision a reality!

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